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an average day


Rise and Shine: We start about 7-8am, depending on the season and weather, with a quick potty break, followed by breakfast. There are some mornings where our guests unanimously decide to sleep in - if this is something they need, we are happy to adjust the schedule accordingly!

Breakfast Routine: We feed each dog in their kennel for safety and convenience - otherwise we would spend all morning feeding each dog separately and waiting for them to eat.

Morning Activites and Naptime: After breakfast we start up play groups for those dogs who enjoy the company of others. Dogs who prefer to be alone are either given one-on-one time with a human, or watch the play groups from the safety of our smaller play yard. Our play groups are carefully assembled and supervised, to bring out the best in each participant and to encourage appropriate and friendly play. The length of each play group depends on the individual's endurance, preference, and physical/mental needs. Most dogs are not athletes in peak physical condition, used to hours of activity every day, so often the play groups evolve into nap groups after an hour or two, at which point we give everyone a break in their kennels until they are ready to go again. After each dog has had their morning exercise needs met, they retreat to their kennels for nap time, from 11-2. During this time, we are closed for check in and out, to allow for an uninterrupted rest.

Afternoon Activities: Afternoon play runs from about 2-6, depending on the weather and the needs of each guest. We may include extra activities, like games or food puzzles, as needed.

Dinner and Lights Out: Dinner is served about 7 pm and guests may have additional play time after dinner, as needed, until last pee break around 10 pm, some scratches and a cookie, and lights out.

We have a Nest Cam in our kennel room which allows us to monitor and review activity, anytime, from anywhere.

WELCOME TO OUR NEW, 2016-BUILT facility!

Located just 25 steps from our own house...

We are still working on making our dream facility perfect, and have a number of additional improvements planned for the future:


  • radiant, in-floor heating
  • air conditioning
  • dog kennel area with shock absorbing, high-traction flooring throughout
  • 400 square foot indoor play space, with shock absorbing, high-traction footing
  • client lobby and washroom
  • separate food prep room with fridge/freezer
  • outdoor play space with 3/4 inch pea rock footing
  • secure, 6-foot privacy fence perimeter with double gate system on all exterior gates
  • 24 hour security monitoring
  • exterior finishing and landscaping


  • industrial air circulating system
  • enriched outdoor play space
  • wash tub for dogs who need a quick rinse off

WE do things differently

We tailored our program to fit dogs like our own, who enjoy routine and structure.

We are not a conventional kennel with indoor/outdoor chain link runs. We use crates to keep our guests separate and safe during the night, nap time, and meals. For dogs who regularly or occasionally use a crate, our program is much like what they are already used to at home, but with more activities, fun, adventure, and play. We are not a perfect fit for every dog, but our small size and very skilled caregivers often make us a perfect fit for dogs with fear, anxiety, stress, and other behavioural issues.


Program and facility