Attended Conferences and Seminars

lonnie Horan, vp of everything

Lonnie is now officially at Everydog part time.

He does a lot of the "behind the scenes" jobs, maintaining the property, helping with evening play groups, running the door-to-door shuttle to Regina, and feeding and cuddling the feline guests.

Lonnie has an impressive history as a high school and junior football coach and currently coaches the offensive line with the Regina Thunder. (GO THUNDER!!)

March 2018 - Walks N Wags Pet First Aid, Regina, SK

everydog and cat

our caregivers

05/18 - Fenzi Dog Sport Camp,

06/17 - Fenzi Dog Sport Camp, Albany, OR

07/16 - Turid Rugaas, Saskatoon, SK
Dog behaviour, body language, and calming signals

06/16 - Fenzi Dog Sport Camp, St. Louis, MO

01/16 - Clicker Expo, Reno, NV

  • Lindsay Wood: Resource Guarding
  • Irith Bloom: Dealing with Excessive Barking
  • Emma Parsons: Working with Reactive Dogs; Stranger Danger!

10/15 - APDT Conference, Dallas, TX

  • Dr. Roger Abrantes: Guinea Pig training camp
  • Sue Sternberg: Dog-Dog Greetings

08/15 - BAT Instructors Course (with Joey Iversen), Abbotsford, BC
Techniques for dogs who are reactive, fearful, aggressive, or have
other behavioural issues

05/15 - Fenzi Dog Sport Camp, Colmar, PA

01/15 - Walks N Wags Pet First Aid, Regina, SK

10/14 - APDT Conference, Hartford, CT

  • Jaqueline Munera: A Crash Course in Cat (lab)
  • Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs: Friend or Foe: Dissecting
    Dog-to-Dog Interactions to Keep Dogs Safe (lab) 
  • Sue Sternberg: Observations from the Field:Dog-Dog Interactions (lab)

04/12 - Dr. Ian Dunbar, Calgary, AB
Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling)

10/11 - Walks N Wags Pet First Aid, Regina, SK

kait, pinch hitter

Kait helps out when Ashley is at a conference and is on stand by in case of emergencies.

She has an excellent ability to read dogs and understands how to manage dogs who don't necessarily like to be handled. When Everydog and Cat closes for holidays, Kait is trusted to look after the resident dogs and cats.

October 2015 - Walks N Wags Pet First Aid, Regina, SK

Everydog and Cat


701 SCOTT AVENUE, ROULEAU  SK  306-541-7440

Ashley Horan, cooc (chief opener of cans)

Ashley is the owner of and primary caregiver at Everydog and Cat.

She looks after everything from the daily care and feeding, to the social media pages and correspondence. She has earned an excellent reputation for easily connecting with dogs who are fearful or have other behavioural issues and knows how to manage them in a way that is as stress-free as possible. She strives to be the best at what she does, which involves constant and obsessive learning and research.

Ashley believes in giving back to the community: she helped found and was a member of the board for five years for Prairie Sky Dog Rescue, a foster-based organization in southern Saskatchewan, and was elected to the Rouleau Town Council in October, 2016. 

When she's not doing Dog Stuff, she enjoys talking to and caring for her succulent plants, training for her third Queen City Marathon, becoming a better person through regular yoga practice, or working a NYT crossword puzzle.