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701 SCOTT AVENUE, ROULEAU  SK  306-541-7440

WELCOME TO OUR NEW, 2016-BUILT facility!

Located just 15 steps from our own house...

Our dream was to provide a safe, low-stress, quiet, easy to clean, attractive facility for our guests and their families. To achieve this, we offer:

  • air conditioning and radiant heat
  • four single and three double cat suites (with ability to convert a single + double into a triple)
  • 600 square foot indoor play space, with shock absorbing, high-traction foam footing
  • client lobby and washroom
  • separate food prep room with fridge/freezer and dishwasher
  • secure, 6-foot privacy fence perimeter with double gate system on all exterior gates
  • 24 hour security monitoring with smoke alarms
  • fire extinguishers at exits and utility rooms
  • exterior finishing and landscaping
  • attached garage for secure loading/unloading of guests from our 2017 cargo van
  • two full-time owner/operator caregivers

Our skilled caregivers are professionally trained.

We believe it takes more than just a love of cats to be good at caring for cats. Love isn't the same as knowledge or anywhere as useful. Ashley has attended seminars by internationally acclaimed cat experts, to better understand why cats do what they do, and how we can make their stay with us more comfortable. Our cattery set up and handling philosophies are based on the knowledge she has gained from these seminars.


Philosophy and facility


WE do things differently

We took great care when designing our cat suites to give cats the very best experience possible. We appreciate the special environmental requirements cats have to maintain stress-free behaviours, and designed our cat suites to meet these needs:

The need for privacy

Many house cats become stressed when they see unfamiliar cats. We eliminate this stress by using solid walls in the construction of our suites, and arranging the perches and vents in a way that prevents one guest from spying down on a guest in a different suite. 

The need for space

Our suites are huge. A single suite is four feet wide, eight feet long, and eight feet tall. We feel two cats from the same family who are staying together deserve twice the space, so our two-cat suites are double the size of a single.

The need for an appropriately sized potty space
No one likes an airplane toilet. It's a testament to their love for us that cats continue to use the micro-potties we supply them with. We have found that our own resident cats do so much better with an oversized potty space and so provide our guests with the same accommodations. We use custom made 30 gallon, 33"L x 20"W x 17"H litter boxes, from Rubbermaid totes. For multiple cats from the same family staying we are happy to provide extra litter boxes on request. We use low-dust, unscented pine shavings or non-clumping litter.

The need for environmental enrichment

Each suite has its own 2x3 foot window, which allows our guests to watch birds or bathe in the sunshine. We also provide a scratch box or pad and multi-level perches and climbers.

The need for cleanliness

Our cat suites are constructed of easy-to-clean materials, like melamine walls and a floor that has been completely sealed with 5+ coats of varathane. These surfaces allow us to easily sanitize between guests, which reduces the chances of illnesses spreading. Strong cleaners can repel or stress cats, so we use these in moderation.