BASIC BATH (shampoo, towel dry)

dogs over 40 pounds (short coat) $40

dogs over 40 pounds (long coat) $60

dogs under 40 pounds $30

nail trim  $10


Dogs who are fearful of being bathed or having their paws touched may not be good candidates for this service. We reserve the right to deny this service if it will cause undue stress. Please use your best judgement when requesting baths and nail trims.

We do not offer any additional grooming services, like trims, de-shedding, blow outs, or teeth brushing.

*an additional charge may apply for dogs who arrive excessively dirty

*We will not bath dogs whose coats are badly matted

let us look after one more thing for you...

Your dog had a good time in our care. Sometimes that means getting a little grubby or slobbery. Let us take care of that so your dog is clean and fresh and ready to snuggle up with you on the couch.



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